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Be aware of family imposter scams!

Worried grandma

Scammers can now use AI technology to replicate a loved one’s voice to enhance family emergency scams. Using easily accessible AI technology, fraudsters can create a clone of your loved one’s voice and use it to bilk you out of money.

It can go something like this: 
You just received a panicked phone call from someone claiming to be your grandson. It does sound like is his voice but it’s a very weird call.  He said he’s been arrested and needs you to wire him $10,000 but don’t mention it to his parents or he’ll get in even more trouble.  This sounds suspicious, but it does sound like his voice.  What do you do? 

Take a minute to think. 

If you receive a message like this, always double check before sending money.  Hang up and call your loved one on a known phone number.  Call a related person to verify the story.  Don’t send any money without confirmation.  

Remember, if it sounds suspicious, it’s likely a scam. 

Take a look at this article from the FTC for more information: