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Can You Get Your Money Back From Payment App Scams?

Man onphone

Using payment apps can make paying for items fast and easy. But, scammers can use them to get you give over your money and, unfortunately, you generally cannot get your money back from a payment app scam.  If you make a payment that you didn’t mean to, or realize that you’ve been caught up in a scam, it’s unlikely you’ll receive your money back. 

Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Holiday Shopping Online Safety

Check out this article from the National Cybersecurity Alliance on staying safe while shopping online this holiday season:

Learn About Medicare Enrollment Scams

Scams flourish during Medicare Open Enrollment! Protect yourself!

Open enrollment runs from the middle of October through the middle of December and scams abound during this time, as people scramble to understand their health insurance options.  Scammers take advantage of people’s confusion and anxiety and try to lure unsuspecting victims into giving them money and personal information.  

Here’s how to protect yourself: 

Protect Yourself Against Ticket Scams

Is that ticket the real deal?

Event ticket prices have skyrocketed in recent years and as the demand for reasonably priced tickets increases, so to have ticket scams.  Learn how to protect yourself and know the signs of a ticket scam. 

2023 Member Appreciation Week

Join us October 2-6, 2023 for Member Appreciation Week! We’ll have prizes and events all week long!

Beware Student Loan Scams

Student Loan Scams

As student loan payments resume, it’s important to be aware of scammers trying to profit off of student loan borrowers and steal personal information. Student loan scams are growing rapidly; learn how to spot the red flags and keep yourself safe.  

Beware Imposter Charity Scams

Charity Fraud

As Hawaii rebuilds after the wildfires in Maui and the Southeast repairs damage from Hurriane Idalia, let’s look at how to spot imposter charity scams. Scammers know people are eager to help others in the aftermath of a disaster.  Preying on this desire to help others, fraudsters set up convincing looking website or contact people via telemarketing or door to door solicitation, pretending to be collecting money for victims. 

Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay

Overdrafts Protection & Courtesy Pay

Beware IRS Impersonation Scams

phone IRS scam call

Learn how to recognize the signs of IRS impersonation scams and protect yourself.

IRS impersonation scams are growing! Messages claiming to be from the IRS will often claim to you owe back taxes and are facing a prison sentence if you do not pay immediately or purport that you are owed a tax refund. 

‘Say Yes’ Scams Are Back! Here’s How to Stay Safe

woman on phone

Say yes scams exploded in 2017 and now they are back! According to the Better Business Bureau, scammers call and when you answer the phone, they claim there is an issue with the phone connection.  They’ll ask “Can you hear me?” By saying “yes” you may be authorizing a purchase you have no intention of making!