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Online Funds Deposit

Online Funds Deposit allows members to transfer funds from their accounts at other financial institutions to their account at WNY FCU. This can be done once or set up as a recurring transfer.

Benefits of WNY FCU’s Online Funds Deposit Service:

  • No checks to write
  • No need for a cash withdrawal and then deposit
  • Reduces transaction time
  • Convenience of making transfers when out of town
  • Easy way to bulk up your savings account!

Online Funds Deposit Disclosures:

  • Online Funds Deposits may not exceed a $500 maximum limit.
  • In order to initiate an Online Funds Deposit with WNY FCU, the online form must be completed. Please allow up to 5 days for the transaction to be complete.
  • Any informational errors by the member on the online form will be the member’s liability.
  • For changes or to stop a recurring deposit, please contact the Credit Union. A one-time stop for recurring deposits is allowed for emergency/unforeseen situations ONLY.
  • Termination or change of a current Online Funds Deposit must be done 5 days before the transaction is to take place by contacting the Credit Union.
  • Termination initiated by WNY FCU of an Online Funds Transfer can be done at any time and notification will be given to the member.
  • The authorization is to remain in full force until WNY FCU has received notification of its termination.
  • Transactions scheduled for a specific day of the month and the day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a Credit Union holiday will be processed the next business day.
  • Any transaction that is processed and funds were not available on either the debit or credit side will be charged the current non-sufficient funds fee listed on the fee schedule.  In order to reduce the chance of an NSF transaction, funds need to be available in your account the day before the transaction date.
  • WNY FCU has the right to resubmit NSF transactions up to 3 times or to reverse the transaction.
  • This service is available to members who are and remain in good standing with WNY FCU.
  • WNY FCU Online Funds Deposit program is for domestic transactions only.
  • All transactions are subject to the NACHA Operating Rules and applicable U.S. law and may from time to time need to temporarily suspend processing of a transaction for greater scrutiny that may result in delayed settlement and/or availability.
  • Online Funds Deposit are only to transfer funds from accounts at other financial institutions that belong to you.
  • Member is a primary or joint owner of an account at WNY FCU.